Show 12 - From Teacher to Entrepreneur: Kelly Dharamshi's Inspiring Journey

Kelly and I discuss the mindset shift it takes to be an entrepreneur while teaching.

10/12/20231 min read

girl in pink sweater beside girl in gray sweater
girl in pink sweater beside girl in gray sweater

Kelly became an entrepreneur because she needed something else, and that is important. We discuss how to become an entrepreneur and why to become one. Sometimes leaving teaching behind is the best choice, and it is important to know when to do that.

Key Ideas

  • If you can't give 100% to your students on a consistent basis, it might be time to move on. Burnout is real and if teaching is sucking your soul, you aren't doing your students any favors by staying.

  • Teacher skills are highly transferable to business ownership. If you can manage 30 kids in one room you can manage a business!

  • Even if you stay in teaching, side entrepreneurship is a great way to break open the teacher salary ceiling. You can earn what you're worth on the side and do what you love every day in the classroom.