Show 19 - Stop Trading Time for Money Coaching Call with Karyn Rudd

I have a coaching call with Karyn Rudd where we discuss her goals to grow her online tutoring business and move back to the United States.

11/30/20231 min read

brown wooden house on green body of water during daytime
brown wooden house on green body of water during daytime

When it comes to your retirement, what do you really want? Do you want to a slow and steady traditional retirement? Do you want to have various income streams? Do you want to own hard assets or liquid securities? Do you want to keep it simple or dive in and maximize your money? Essentially, this is the question that Karyn Rudd had in our coaching call today. She is living in Trinidad and Tobago, but wants to move with her disabled mother back to the United States. She also has her own impending retirement to worry about. What is the best way forward? That’s what we discussed on this coaching call!

Key Ideas

  1. Double down on what you want to do to make money.

  2. If you have a side business, treat it like a business. Hire people as needed.

  3. You can use equity in your home to effectively eliminate or reduce your mortgage if you’re strategic about it.

  4. How you invest depends on what you want. Karyn wants income so investing in income-producing investments is key. These include real estate investment trusts, dividend-yielding stocks, and royalties, etc.

  5. Only invest in real estate when you have adequate reserves and knowledge. Don’t invest in anything you don’t understand.

Show Notes

Fundrise (a Private Real Estate Investment Trust that I use, but I don't endorse them or have an affiliate relationship with them).

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