Show 26 - Teachers payoff 200K in debt

In this episode, I talk with Haley and Justin Brown-Woods about their debt pay-off journey, paying down tens of thousands in debt while on teacher salaries.

1/17/20241 min read

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Haley and Justin from Price of Avocado Toast came on to the show to talk about their debt pay-off journey. As teachers, they paid off over $100K in debt in just 18 months. All it takes it looking at where you can cut things that don't matter and getting motivated to get out of debt. If they can do that you can do anything! Here are some key ideas we talked about.

Key Ideas

  1. You can do anything for a season and reason. That means you can do work in short bursts if you are motivated.

  2. Get motivated! Find something that drives you to get out of debt. It is your kids? A project you want to tackle? Or make debt just gives you the night sweats. Whatever motivates you, use that to get out of debt.

  3. Whatever debt payoff method you use it fine, just choose the one that works for you. The difference between the debt snowball and other debt payoff methods like the debt avalanche are rather small financially speaking. So just choose the one you can stick with.

  4. Take care of yourself. Don't take work home. The better you take care of your mental health the better teacher you'll be, and the better you can handle your finances. You've got this!

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