Show - 30 Dual Income Teacher Benefits with Eric McClarey

In this episode, I talk with Eric McClarey about the benefits of dual incomes for teachers and how to maximize those.

2/14/20241 min read

man and woman holding hand while walking on bridge
man and woman holding hand while walking on bridge

Being financially successful on a single teacher salary is incredibly difficult, but with two incomes it is very possible for teachers to thrive. Eric McClarey, the Teacher Money Coach, and I discuss the benefits of a dual income teacher household and how to maximize those benefits in this episode.

Key Ideas

  • Having dual income can allow you to be very successful financially, but it must be handled with care.

  • You can put aside a lot of money into retirement as teachers, which is a huge benefit.

  • Plan for retirement as if you won’t have a pension and you’ll end up much better off as a result.

  • Avoid the dual income trap by trying to live, as much as possible, on one income instead of living to the full extent of both. You’ll be glad you did!

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