Show 34 - WEALTH mindset with Rose Mendonca

In this episode, I talk with Rose Mendonca bout how to have a WEALTH mindset to set your foundation for financial success.

3/13/20241 min read

white and black abstract illustration
white and black abstract illustration

The basis of becoming wealthy is to have a WEALTH mindset. I talked with Rose Mendonca about this acronym and the importance of building a strong mental foundation for your financial goals. There is a lot of goodness in the episode, but here are some main ideas.

Key Ideas

  • Write Down What You Want: You need to see your goals on paper

  • Envision Your Future: Have a “why” that is driving you forward

  • Affirm Your Desire: Positive self-talk motivates you to keep going

  • Listen to Your Inner Voice: Your “gut feeling” is often right, listen to it!

  • Take Action: Start somewhere, investing anywhere is better than nowhere!

  • Hold the Vision: Building wealth takes time, so hold on to it for the long term.

Show Transcript