Show 35 - Overcoming Money Blocks with Bre Thompson

In this episode, I talk with Bre Thompson about how we can overcome deep seated money blocks that are keeping us poor.

3/20/20241 min read

green tree beside gray asphalt road under gray cloudy sky
green tree beside gray asphalt road under gray cloudy sky

Events in our life shape us, and unfortunately, not always for the better. Many of us have deep seated money blocks that prevent us for getting ahead. Fortunately, Bre Thompson knows how to help you identify your money blocks and overcome them. Here are some main ideas for identifying and overcoming money blocks.

Key Ideas

  • A money block is a subconscious part of your current identity that gets in the way of your monetary success.

  • Teachers often have a money block around charging for their services and worth. They may see it as wrong or bad. Worthiness and "enoughness" are big money blocks for teachers. Not feeling worthy of creating the life/business they want.

  • Reflecting on past money experiences from childhood can reveal current money blocks operating from those patterns.

  • Being radically honest about money desires, writing them down, and shifting perspective can help overcome blocks.

  • Coaching can fast track results but self-work is possible too. Having a mentor is invaluable.

  • Embodying your beliefs around money in your actions is key. Your energy speaks louder than words.

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