Show 39 - 403b Challenges and Solutions with Dan Otter from 403bwise

In this episode, I talk with Dan OTter about the problems that the K-12 403b has and how we can overcome them.

4/16/20241 min read

woman showing Krispy Kreme box
woman showing Krispy Kreme box

If you have any questions about the K-12 403b, there is only one person to talk to and that is Dan Otter. The 403b, the retirement plan you are most likely contributing to, is flawed--deeply. The only way to navigate the VERY treacherous waters of the 403b is to get education. Luckily, Dan Otter is here to help everyone do just that with Check out what we talked about.

Key Ideas

  • Don’t trust the salespeople who are handing out food in the lunch room with your 403b.

  • The 403b doesn’t have fiduciary oversight (meaning the salesperson doesn’t have to act in your best interest).

  • If you don’t have a good 403b option, consider investing in a ROTH IRA instead (or a 457b or even an HSA)

  • You can advocate for better 403b options, but you might have to face opposition.

Show Transcript