Show 4 - Amplifying Your Income with Bre Thompson from High Vibe Teaching

Bre and I talk about how it is possible to create multiple streams of income as a teacher.

8/16/202323 min read

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0:22 - Mr. Morgan

all right anyway. I'm so excited to have Bre here today uh we're gonna be having a fantastic conversation so let me just introduce Bre Thompson. Bre Thompson is a business and money strategist helping soul led business owners align to their next big money making move restarted her business in twenty eighteen showing the highs and lows of working a job as an elementary school teacher and has now built a digital finance financial literacy education company coaching Bre Thompson is the host of the high vibe as F*** podcast where it is Bre's mission to push your limitations and are around earning spending and receiving more money for the impact and income you deserve uh desire and deserve as a sole led entrepreneur to work with Bre and up your level business and finances visit high vibe teaching dot com or follow Bre on instagram @BreThompsonxo. Alright Bre welcome to the podcast.

1:27 - Breanna Thompson

Thank you. That was a lovely introduction. You did great. Thank you.

1:32 - Mr. Morgan

Oh thank you. I pride myself on being able to, to introduce people. We are here today to talk about creating additional money streams for teachers. What does that even mean?

1:47 - Breanna Thompson

Alright. So creating an additional stream of income simply means that you are opening yourself up to receiving money other than your job. Teachers We kind of believe that the only way we can receive money is through our one nine to five job. However, absolutely not. It is my job to help you open yourself up to your creative ability to allow in more money through various, various different ways.

2:18 - Mr. Morgan

Awesome. You obviously do this yourself, you're not just telling people to do it. So why did you decide to create additional, money streams or income streams?

2:30 - Breanna Thompson

Oh, I love that question. So, you know, it started when I was growing up. We didn't have a lot of money, you know, I had, I was raised by my mom, my dad and they work like nine to five jobs, but um, it got to the point where my mom got let go during the recession and we were down to one income and we did not have the means at all. Like even have trash services done for us or electricity, you know. All of this huge major shift happened, and this was when I was in high school. So I told myself right then in there, I was like, I'm not doing this again, I am going to make more money one way or another.

3:18 - Breanna Thompson

And during this time I learned in my history class that he did an entire lesson my history teacher did that if you go to college you will make one million dollars more than someone who doesn't and my parents did not go to college so I said I'm going to college and down the line I decided to do teaching pure passion of mine love kids love education love learning and as I went into my first year of teaching I fell in love with Youtube I loved Youtube from the moment it came out I used to watch beauty Youtube all the time and then I was like I want to do a Youtube channel, but what would I do a Youtube channel about?

4:00 - Breanna Thompson

I had, it had to be something that I was passionate about and it had to be something that just let me up. I couldn't just sit in front of a camera and like, you know, it had to be genuine and authentic. So, as I was going through my credentialing program and I'm from California, so it's a big process, I found Michelle Frey on Youtube where she showed and toured her entire classroom, and I said, Oh, this is what I wanna do. I wanna help other teachers with my lesson design, my curriculum, my setup.

4:34 - Breanna Thompson

Like I just want to help people and also build like relationships and friendships off the internet. So long story short I got my first year teaching job and I started my Youtube channel that first year in two thousand eighteen but then Like so many things in our lives, patterns repeat, so I lo. My 1st year teaching job because of my Youtube channel. And this is when I really started to really question what am I doing this for, who am I here to serve and what am I even doing? Like what is my purpose, what is my mission and Then I just started to learn how wealth is actually created and that is through multiple streams of income to where if I did lose, you know, that one.

5:28 - Breanna Thompson

When I 1st taught my 1st year, that was my only stream of income was that one. It got chopped off, it got eliminated and then I had nothing. And that caused so much stress within me, my family everything, my body everything. And then I learn that true wealth and what people actually do is they create multiple streams of income. They take all of their additional income that they don't need for their bills and they manage it in a way where they push it into something else that creates more income for them.

5:59 - Breanna Thompson

So what I did was, I just was like, Oh, I could do this, I could do this, I could do this, this. And I created twelve Basically for fun, yeah, for fun really. I was just like I had a whole list on my wall. I was like, Oh, I could do this, I could do this, I could do this, and that's what I did. And now I actually have transitioned out of the classroom, focusing all of my energy into one of my side or side income streams, which is now my main income stream, which is coaching and selling digital courses, products, and just helping people in that way.

6:35 - Mr. Morgan

Awesome that that is a crazy story. And it's just blows my mind that something that you're doing on your own, like your Youtube channel, could cause you to lose your job. It's just the number of,

6:48 - Breanna Thompson


6:50 - Mr. Morgan

of excuses that, that the administration ends up giving to let teachers go just blows mind.

6:56 - Breanna Thompson

yep. It was a repeating pattern, like I say repeating pattern all the way up to my last year and that's when I knew I was like, I can't fully, fully live in my expression if I can't like create money on the side the way that I want.

7:17 - Mr. Morgan

It's it's important to. To live your your true self for sure. So that's why you created um, and you you twelve What do you do? What are all these streams of income? Just so people get an idea of what these additional income streams are.

7:35 - Breanna Thompson

absolutely. So 1st It started on Youtube, that's an additional stream of income, and it's actually passive because you post the video, people watch it, you get absent money every month. And then I then started teachers, pay teachers and was selling lesson plans and curriculum design. And that's where I really saw, okay, if I put a huge majority my energy into this one channel or this one source of income. I really would love to see what can transpire. But then the pandemic happened.

8:09 - Breanna Thompson

I just was falling more and more out of love with the traditional education of like, you know, the standards and did it. And I really fell in love with financial literacy. So, and self development So then I transition to podcasting and that's where my podcast was birthed. And from there it's like sponsorships, affiliates, those are all streams, rental, real estate. Actually my 1st investment multiple or my 1st stream of income. Besides my job was from a real estate property. And it's just like you just go with it and you flow with it.

8:47 - Breanna Thompson

And I love to help people connect with what it is that they want to create because what I create is great for me. But like truly, if you want it staying term. It has to feel good to you too and Me and my husband created a rental car business as well in Vegas, so we currently have that too, and it's growing. And then I have my coaching business and through my co coaching business alone comes courses, one on one packages like little, like sprucing of, offers that I create. It's so fun because additional streams of income and making money is all about creative alignment, like whatever you feel creative about, you can make money off of it.

9:36 - Mr. Morgan

I, I love that, I love that choosing something that fires you up as a way to make money. Because I mean, obviously if, if you're a teacher and, and you're a good one, you know, education' is passion of yours, but there's so many other passions we have. I have as well, right? You have the passion for financial literacy that, that you're uh, diving into, You're also, you know, you were fired up by, by Youtube and that's Something that you do, you know, I tried tick tock for a while, doesn't fire me up.

10:03 - Mr. Morgan

I don't do tick tock. It's just like I tried and it's like, yeah. It's just not my thing, right? So you know, sometimes you have to, you know, try some, some things out, but if it's not gonna fire you up, if you're gonna to slog through it to do it, it's just, it's not gonna, it's not gonna be worth it. So I love how you, you, you got these, you're choosing based on what's good for you and not what feels good and, and keeps you going. I think that's really important.

10:32 - Breanna Thompson

Absolutely yes.

10:35 - Mr. Morgan

If a teacher wants to do this, okay, I, I see the vision here. Multiple streams of income. What, what are some obstacles that they might have to overcome to create these additional streams of income?

10:47 - Breanna Thompson

1st thing that comes to mind is their mind set, their ego in particular. So you know, we have been like raised to believe or you know what let me say this I always wondered what my life would look like if school taught me how to be an entrepreneur if school taught me how to manage my money and grow my money and use my money to make more money I always wondered what that would look like and the big question I had especially in twenty twenty when like this whole like thing like I just became very enlightened in twenty twenty with everything that was going on and really taking a good hard look at myself as well I was thinking how can people who come from lower socioeconomic situations.

11:39 - Breanna Thompson

How are they able to create wealth? How are they able to build and create these beautiful massive businesses? Like, how is that possible? And it all starts with your mindset. Your mindset will either make or break you flat.

11:54 - Mr. Morgan


11:56 - Breanna Thompson

Like flat, you actually have to retrain in your brain and how to view money. Retrain your brain on how to create money because your job is one source, but there's infinite sources actually. Like you can make money doing anything now. I mean obviously like tick tock and all the stuff. Like you can literally make money doing so many random things. We're not limited anymore. So changing your mindset and actually learning how money works, so you're not afraid of it anymore and you can go outside your comfort zone and you can try new things and just That's what I would say is your mindset and being open.

12:37 - Mr. Morgan

Yeah, I, I love it that, you know, teachers are just like the foundation of this. This pattern that we have, have set. So it's almost like the teachers are the ones who are the most ingrained in this, you know, go to school, get a good job, you know, stick with it and just like live your life until your retire. Mindset is unfortunate because there's so many other ways that we can live right there's so many other things that we can do to express ourselves making money expressing ourselves or just you know understanding how many works so that way we can live our best life instead of just like oh got a grind from you know twenty five to sixty five There's so many other ways to approach it and to live.

13:02 - Breanna Thompson


13:25 - Mr. Morgan

and I think that if teachers can 1st of all believe it's possible for them to make more money and 2nd of all get over this. I'm a teacher, so therefore I'm poor. Mindset Then we can really,

13:37 - Breanna Thompson

Oh, yes.

13:41 - Mr. Morgan

you know, make leaps and bounds and forward.

13:44 - Breanna Thompson

yes absolutely one hundred.

13:49 - Mr. Morgan

All right, So you want to make an additional stream of income, But you're a teacher who's got time for that, right?

13:58 - Breanna Thompson

You work up one hundred eighty days and listen this is something that I'm going to be one hundred percentage transparent about you work one hundred eighty days you get paid one hundred eighty days you can still be a fabulous amazing impactful teacher working your contract hours you can I did it I did it so and but by the way I did do it and I got some backlash from it from like colleagues and like outside You know projections,

14:17 - Mr. Morgan

Hey. Amen.

14:28 - Breanna Thompson

but that is what makes you strong. You become strong when you are able to stand in your power and your why and move forward anyways knowing that. And again, we have also been kind of like trained and condition in a way to work, work, work, work, work for our self worth. And it's just a common trap that teachers get fallen into. I fell into it. I had to learn how to get out of it. But it's possible. You just have to be willing to. Do it with the action steps.

15:04 - Mr. Morgan

I think this is gonna be my number one preaching point in this whole podcast. Like every episode, I is gonna find a way to slip it in. When your contract hours are done, go home.

15:15 - Breanna Thompson


15:15 - Mr. Morgan

You are not being paid anymore.

15:15 - Breanna Thompson

my God, no.

15:18 - Mr. Morgan

For all the time you're putting in, go home at that time is your time. It's if, if you can't get all your work done in your contract hours, you're doing it wrong. Find a way to streamline it,

15:28 - Breanna Thompson

yeah, oh, absolutely.

15:30 - Mr. Morgan

to change it, to do something to reduce your load so that way you can get it done in your contract hours. And then if your school makes it impossible to do so for some reason, go somewhere else.

15:42 - Breanna Thompson

Yes, you have all that power. You are a very powerful person and being. You can do it.

15:49 - Mr. Morgan

I love it, I love it. It's just, it's, yeah, your mindset matters, your mindset really matters. If your mindset is, oh, this is just the way it is, I have to do this. You're gonna You're gonna struggle. So change your mindset, change your life.

16:03 - Breanna Thompson


16:04 - Mr. Morgan

Okay, so we have time. With which I, I preach this all the time to teach us. We have time. That's actually our number one benefit. We have, you know, time off in the summer, time off for holidays, you know, the contractors is only so much that you can leave and do something else. Like we have time on our hands to be able to make additional streams of income. So if we, we believe this and we go out and we start making additional streams of income because we're like, yeah, I'm going to go talk to Breanna, she's going to help me.

16:33 - Mr. Morgan

You're actually doing it. Now that you're doing it, what do we do with all this extra money? Do I just book flights to Tahiti every other weekend or like what, what do I do?

16:42 - Breanna Thompson

I love this question so much because my answer is you can do whatever you wanna do with it. I am so not the type of person to say you need to do this and you need to do this, it's whatever you want because you get to choose how you do your life. If you wanna invest in trips and di it up, you absolutely can. Or if you wanna create more wealth, you can use like um, investing into a Roth, compounding that interest. You can actually use that excess money to fund other additional streams of income to make you more money.

17:18 - Breanna Thompson

Like I teach my students and my clients, I always say. Everything you spend is actually an investment, so however you spend, your money is an investment to you. But if you're spending this is a different topic I guess but if you spend your money and you're just like not one hundred percent fired up and empowered by your spending that's a leak and we need to fix it but you can spend your money however you want however you want money is so triggering, such a triggering subject, because we all have these like ideas of how everyone should be spending their money, but it's really like, mind your own business and do what Best for you.

18:01 - Breanna Thompson

So it's like whatever you wanna do and we can create so many different ways for you to grow and thrive and guess what when you're gone, money is not following you. So how do you want to use your money as you are here in the present moment?

18:18 - Mr. Morgan

Awesome. I love that individuality there because, you know, if you get into, into finance a lot, there are a lot of people who will tell you you should do this, you should do that, which, you know, there are good rules of thumb out there, definitely. You need to make sure that you're choosing the lifestyle that you want. And I think that the number one thing that you need to make sure you do is to know where you're spending your money is if you don't know where it's going, how can you know if you're spending on things that matter to you, things that are gonna make a huge difference in your life, right?

18:52 - Mr. Morgan

If you're like, okay, I'm spending it on all of it, on not shows, and I hate not shows, like, why would you do that? That's a terrible example, but you know, you get the idea, you need to know where it's going. That way you can say, oh, I want to spend more money on, visiting my family and maybe less money on eating out of this buffet that I actually don't really like, Or you know, whatever it is that you're doing, you can, increase the things that matter to you and decrease the things that matter less to you as you really understand your money, what's going in, what's coming out and Use those extra in constraints to just boost those things that make a difference in your life.

19:27 - Breanna Thompson

yep one hundred each.

19:32 - Mr. Morgan

Okay, so I think you've already answered this. Is it possible for a teacher to really succeed doing this extra streams of income thing?

19:42 - Breanna Thompson

Yes, as long as you decide, you decide you can have. You can do.

19:49 - Mr. Morgan

I love it, I love it. It's possible. I just,

19:52 - Breanna Thompson

Yes one hundred.

19:52 - Mr. Morgan

you know, both of us are, are examples of teachers who work our contract hours. Well, you're done teaching now, but we've worked. We're doing things on the side, we're making money on the side, and it using it to live our best life. So it's just, if you don't think it's possible, change that mindset. It's going back to that, change that mindset for sure. Number one thing, okay, So now that we understand that it's possible And and you've given us some fantastic things to think about here.

20:28 - Mr. Morgan

I just want to know, do you have any suggestions for a teacher who's, you know, just starting out trying to figure out this creating income streams thing or what? What should they do as they're just getting started?

20:42 - Breanna Thompson

They should focus on the one thing that lights them up the most. So for me that was Youtube. I did Youtube for three or four years before I branched out. So choose one thing that you can do that feels like a cherry on top or a sprinkle like I always say creating money is like the cherry on top. It's not the driving force of why you're doing it, you see. Okay, this is a little sad, sad story, but it came to a point for me that I was actually teaching for the money because I It just wasn't working for me anymore.

21:22 - Breanna Thompson

I was not happy. I had no energy left over for my family. I had to make a move and I had to make a pivot, but I was the one person that was like bringing in all the money at the point at the time, So I had to make these shifts and these changes, but it all started with this one. Just choosing one thing, one thing that lights you up, because again, when you act in the flow of service, the money is the cheering on top. So if you, I mean this is the thing too, I think teachers are all here to serve, they're all like here to help people.

22:01 - Breanna Thompson

How would you like to help because that's what business is. Money is an exchange of service, so how can you use your very unique gifts and abilities to create an exchange for someone else to pay you? And it can be so passive, like posting, lessons on TPT, so passive of sitting down, turning on, I don't know, Instagram live, doing your makeup and talking to your audience, like it could be something so simple like that and that is the 1st step.

22:36 - Mr. Morgan

I love that choosing something that you're fired up about and focusing on that is so, so important. When I, when I started doing this type of thing, I, I knew I wanted to talk to teachers. I wanted to help teachers overcome financial challenges. I started with a blog and it turns out I hate blogging. I really don't like it. And I did it for two years, you know, And I just I just need to going, I just need to keep going. But like I, I didn't enjoy doing it, so why was I doing it? I don't know, I just kept pushing because I wanted to serve, but I wasn't doing it in the right way.

23:09 - Mr. Morgan

So I think that's huge, finding something that fires you up that way when you're doing it, it's like, oh, I have more work to do, right? You don't want to go from work to more work and then feel like you're just working all the time, right? You want to do something that is enjoyable and fulfilling. And uh, just as that's another side note, I love how you talked about how you knew you needed a change. How many of us know that teacher who should not be there? But they are.

23:41 - Breanna Thompson

No, absolutely. Yeah, or even how many teachers do we know that are working to freaking much and need to cut it off and like put the things down and just like go fill their cups up as well. And when I made the shift out, it was not an easy decision because I believe that I was a good Teacher I just wasn't like gun ho for it. Like I, I just sensed that I was. In a way like needed out outside the classroom and I have the time with my students. My five years beautiful relationships, I'm gonna remember them forever.

24:18 - Breanna Thompson

Like I love them still to this day. But I, it's like there's no shame either. If you needed to leave and make the change, there is absolutely no shame and no judgement. It's just growth and evolving.

24:32 - Mr. Morgan

And it's hard. This is another mindset thing, right? If you need to leave the classroom, what I hope to do by teaching you about money is helping you so that you can control when you exit, right?

24:42 - Breanna Thompson


24:43 - Mr. Morgan

If you are forced to exit, then you have the money to help you make that transition. If you needed to exit, but you feel like you can't because you have to hold on this many more years longer, or you just needed the money, that's a problem too, So controlling your finances will help you control your exit. Teaching whether that's five years ten years thirty five years I just heard a story about a lady who started her fifty first year teaching PE okay so whatever it is that you want to do if you if you love teaching fifty one years into it keep going right if you if you are You know,

25:11 - Breanna Thompson

Wow. absolutely.

25:23 - Mr. Morgan

done with it, be ready to, to leave when it is your time. I think that's so important, so powerful to be able to just control that, that exit from teaching. And I love how you knew when that time was.

25:37 - Breanna Thompson

And I could not deny,

25:37 - Mr. Morgan


25:39 - Breanna Thompson

yeah, could not deny it. I was like it, it got to the point where I was like, you know, I can't just, I have to embody what I speak, I have to. It will not work for me if I don't. So I had to embody what I speak even to my students, right? Like it all goes down to that.

26:01 - Mr. Morgan

That's that, you know, we, we've all, probably all seen that study because everyone brings it up at professional development every year that the number one thing that is impactful to students is the efficacy of teachers, right? The better your teachers are, the better students will do. And if you are holding on for the money and not because you have that passion still to keep pursuing teaching. You're doing a disservice really. And you know that, that, that is a huge thing to keep in mind.

26:30 - Mr. Morgan

Not saying that everyone should go quit their job right now, that that would be really bad, but You know, don't hold on to teaching if you are past it and if you are past it that you can't get out. I'm glad you're here because we're here to, to help you have your finances in order so that way you can do whatever lights you up.

26:49 - Breanna Thompson

Smooth transition out and it's okay, like it's okay not to love teaching anymore. I will say my 1st year, I was in love, so deeply in love, but it was just, just Constant let down. I mean this was just my experience and I just felt like let down, let down, let down, like not getting rehired and then the co like, you know, the pandemic and it was just it, yeah, you know, it comes to a point and taking the leap.

27:22 - Mr. Morgan

That was not all what we were planning on talking about, but I loved it fantastic, right? If, if you needed to, that's where we're here to help you and if you would like coaching on, you know, preparing yourself to make the, the leap out of teaching come among podcast. I'd love to, to give you some coaching, if you are trying to create multiple streams of income, reach out to Brie and she can, you know, give you coaching on, on that as well. So we're both here to support you, whatever you decide to do.

27:53 - Mr. Morgan

Okay, that was a fantastic conversation and I've got two more questions for you, unless you have something else you want to share,

27:59 - Breanna Thompson

Let's do it.

28:01 - Mr. Morgan

Alright. 2nd last question is What is your number one tip for teachers to have a richer wallet? Classroom and life.

28:09 - Breanna Thompson

Oh, that's a good question. Number one Tip Rich Okay, I'm gonna say disconnect your fear with money. This is loaded, but you know, when you truly understand money, as in money, is actually a floating currency. As in, there is nothing backing up the American dollar. As in, money is just in energy. How much freer do you feel when you know that? And how can you live in that way of understanding that it is a currency, it is a flow, understanding that money is actually here to exchange, to flow.

29:02 - Breanna Thompson

To bring back, to pay, to spend, to earn and receive. How much freer do you feel knowing that money is here to support you? And especially depending on the backgrounds that we come from If you came from a background of poverty, low socioeconomic that is ingrained in you. Like you have learned these habits and you have learned these viewpoints on money that are actually more than likely hindering you. For me, because my mom lost her job and like it was very, very stressful. Like we had electricity turning off.

29:42 - Breanna Thompson

Had to like go throw trash away in neighboring trash cans because we weren't getting trash, trash service. That left a big imprint on me to where I had a scarcity mindset towards money. I had the scarcity viewpoint that... there is not enough, there is not enough, there is not enough, cored cord hoard, hoard, hoard. So afraid to spend, so afraid to go on vacation, so afraid to experience life with. But what if you had the belief that money is actually here to support me. Money is here to support my life, my creative ability, support my family.

30:22 - Breanna Thompson

It's here to help me, it's here to allow me to grow. I would say the number one tip is actually playing more into that realm of understanding money and also understanding business, understanding the tax system. Because this stuff is not taught in school. I was never taught any of this and I taught myself and that is why I teach now about financial literacy. Because it allowed me to just like not be so freak and stressed out all the time with money. And we, it's just, it goes so far back into like our Dna and our generational patterning of why we believe the things we do about money, but we're here like literally to shift and change that for our own kids and for our own students and like for everyone else that's gonna come after us.

31:13 - Breanna Thompson

That's what we're here to do. We're here to be trail blazers.

31:18 - Mr. Morgan

I love it, you know, learning and understanding it because you know, the more you understand something, the less you'll be afraid of it. You be afraid of, of losing money or of running out of money. If you, you know, know how to use it and you can then grow it and have that abundance mindset, that growth mindset, that just helps you really take control of your life.

31:41 - Breanna Thompson

Yep, absolutely, cause then you are not so afraid to lose it because you understand how it works and it creates more like it's a completely different mindset. Again, going back to mindset,

31:56 - Mr. Morgan

mindsets huge. So if someone wants to help themselves overcome these fears and Get their mindset right and live the high vibe. Where can they find out more about you?

32:09 - Breanna Thompson

all right, So Instagram is the best place I am actually about to open my next round of Financial Freedom Academy. Everything I talked about today I teach, but the thing is I don't just teach it, you actually learn to embody the information. So that is an extremely, extremely effective way on how to actually learn how to money make, how to make money work for you. So you are no longer trading time for money. The programs actually designed for you to become way more open to other money making possibilities so you can create an additional stream of income by the end of it.

32:47 - Breanna Thompson

So that's coming end of August. But just follow me on Instagram. I also have a podcast. If you loved anything that I said, said today, like you would love the podcast because I talk so much more about it and so much deeper and yeah, I would say podcast, Instagram, financial freedom academy, yes.

33:08 - Mr. Morgan

awesome we'll link to all those things in our show notes you can find all of our show notes at uh teacher money show dot com slash podcast and uh You can get that link right there, so that way you don't have to go searching for Bre. She'll be right there for you to find. Or you can, of course just go to Instagram and find her @BreThompsonXO, thank you so much for coming on the show, Bre. It is a fantastic conversation.

33:37 - Breanna Thompson

Shaun Thank you for having me and have so much fun.