Show 43 - Investing for Beginners with Andrew Sather

In this episode, I talk with Andrew Sather about beginner-level investing concepts to help you get the ball rolling.

5/15/20241 min read

a close up of a clock with numbers on it
a close up of a clock with numbers on it

There are so many vehicles to invest in for retirement, it can be hard to know what the right one is. And once you’ve chosen one, how should you diversify? What does all this even mean? If you’re struggling at the beginning of your investing journey with these concerns, then you need to listen to my interview with Andrew Sather. Andrew is a master of investing and unfolds the basics of investing for us in this episode.

Key Ideas

  • ROTH IRA is the first bucket most people fill in their retirement. The tax advantages over a taxable brokerage account make a large difference, and the contorl you have makes it a flexible retirement vehicle.

  • Taxable brokerage accounts are really only a last line of defense when you have more money to invest after filling your tax-advantaged accounts.

  • Diversifying can mean many things, but if you’re not interested in diving deeply into stocks, then a simple index (like SPY or VTI) is probably sufficient.

  • To be a better manager of your money, think of it like a stewardship. You don’t have the money for you to use and abuse, but you have it to manage it well for the future. This will help you have better control of your finances.

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